McKenzie River Banners?

Proposed McKenzie BannersSeveral businesses on the McKenzie would like to get these up during this summer's McKenzie River Bicentennial celebration, but of course the green light on production can't be given until the project clears with ODOT.


The design (by Tom Lincoln, who also designed the proposed McKenzie Gateway Arch)  is based on the "Springfield Banners" which have been installed in the downtown Main Street area as well as the Mohawk Shopping District. A problem has arisen because ODOT says those aren't in the right-of-way (it's a city issue) but banners in rural areas would be.


In addition, the state says: If the proposed locations for these signs are on ODOT right of way, then ODOT policy must be followed.  ODOT has adopted a policy for "Banners Located on State Highway Right-Of-Way Signing Guidelines" that determines criteria for when ODOT allows use on our right of way. The purpose of these guidelines is to "allow for the temporary placement of banners within the state highway right of way to inform the travelling public of local event."  It is also pertinent to know that the Temporary Event Signing Guidelines state that "temporary signing on the state highway may be provided for those activities approximately 2 weeks or shorter in duration that are open to the general public".


Worse than that is this take on the matter, "Banner Messages - According to the policy, banners must not "include any advertising, commercial message, brand or product name or other information about the event".  Therefore, the proposal to include business information is not allowed, so the designs as submitted are not acceptable. The banner could then be about 15" smaller or wider borders could be used."


And ... "Banner Colors - The colors need to not replicate traffic control devices, so the color combination should be blues, greens, purples. The use of red, yellow and orange would have to be careful to not imply traffic control (i.e. orange diamonds/triangles since that somewhat replicates flag boards)."


Any bright ideas or suggestions? I'm wondering if it might be possible to install them on utility poles. If done by the utility, safety issues regarding linemen could be addressed.

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