Whose fault is it?

The following Letter to the Editor appears in this week's edition of McKenzie River Reflections:


I have to object to the recently reported  decision by C&K Markets that also owns Ray’s Markets to summarily close the storied Walterville Market.
The stated reason that “it has not been profitable for some time.”
Query:  just whose fault is that ?
This is classic of the frank coldness of the takeover scheme that similarly killed GI Joes.
When C&K acquired the long-standing Walterville Market in 2006, it was a wonderful place to shop, a tribute to the vision and efforts of Jerry, the owner/manager of some 20+ years.
What happened then is that C&K completely gutted the market of what made it both attractive and a success, substituting in its own less-sufficient alternative.
It then summarily fired their Manager who was the one from whom they acquired the store.
The thin reason given then is that he “was the last hired.”
This resulted in almost a community riot of protests, with C&K allowing that they “just didn’t realize he was so important to the Community.”
He was then rehired and  was thus able to continue his very personal Community service, including his association with Springfield Twin-Rivers Rotary preparing each Christmas for over 20 years over 80 giant produce boxes of food and treats to be distributed by Twin Rivers Rotary to local needy families.
C&K has now solved the risk of a similar protest by closing the Walterville store all together.
Robert D. Lowry


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