More help needed for River Cleanup

This Saturday, July 8th,  is the day for the 2017 Annual McKenzie River Clean Up. There are still a few spot open and it is not too late to register. Below is the current list of assignments. Supplies can be picked up prior to the event if desired at the Council office located at 442 A Street in Springfield. Please call before coming to the office to pick up supplies to ensure there is staff present.  Call 458-201-8150 for any questions.

Boat Routes:

  1. Ollalie to Paradise:  US Forest Service - MRRD
  2. Paradise to Bruckart:  US Forest Service - MRRD
  3. Bruckart to Finn Rock:  
  4. Finn Rock to Silver Creek:  
  5. Silver Creek to Rennie:          
  6. Rennie to Ben and Kay Dorris:    
  7. Helfrich to Leaburg Lake:   
  8. Leaburg Dam to Greenwood:  Will Rutherford
  9. Greenwood to Leaburg:  Dana Burwell and Family
  10. Leaburg Boat Ramp to Deerhorn Park:  Steve and Marty Mealey
  11. Leaburg Boat Ramp to Walterville Canal:  
  12. Deerhorn Park to Taylor Landing (Southside of River):  Joe Moll
  13. Deerhorn Park to Taylor Landing (Northside of River):   
  14. Taylor Landing to Hendricks Park (Northside of River):  
  15. Taylor Landing to Hendricks Park (Southside of River) :  Joe Moll
  16. Hendricks Park to Bellinger (Northside):  Mike Brinkley and Bob Bumstead
  17. Hendricks Park to Bellinger (Southside):   Bill and Jeff Laing
  18. Bellinger to Hayden Bridge (Northside):  Dick Barnhardt and Rick Chamberlain
  19. Bellinger to Hayden Bridge (Southside):    Tom Fauria and Dave Bailey
  20. Hayden Bridge to Harvest Lane (Northside):  Greg Melton and Walt Petty
  21. Hayden Bridge to Harvest Lane (Southside):  Greg Williams and Jim Mitchell
  22. Harvest Lane to Armitage Park (Northside):  McKenzie Flyfishers
  23. Harvest Lane to Armitage Park (Southside):  Scot Halpert and Mary Halpert

Land Areas:

  1. Launch Sites: Olallie, Frissell, Paradise, McKenzie Bridge, Bruckart, Hamlin, Forest Glen, Finn Rock; Junction of Hwy 126/FR 19 (Aufderheide Dr.)/McKenzie River:  Ken Engelman
  2. Greenwood:
  3. Waterboard Park-Leaburg Lakeshore:  
  4. Leaburg Lake picnic area and boat launch:  Friends of Eagle Rock Park
  5. Leaburg Dam to Whitewater Ranch (South side of River):  
  6. Leaburg Dam downstream 300 yards (North side of River):  
  7. Leaburg Dam upstream to Ike’s (North side of River):  
  8. North side of river across from Finn Rock Landing (west of café):   
  9. Mouth of Deer Creek:  
  10. Leaburg Power House vicinity:   
  11. Goodpasture Road and viewpoint below Marten Rapids:  McMillan’s (3)
  12. Deerhorn Road across from Koozer’s Lake:   
  13. Bellinger and Hayden Bridge Boat Launches and vicinities:    
  14. Armitage Park Launch and Bridge Areas:   
  15. Deadmond’s Ferry/Riverbend:  Mark Campbell
  16. Hendricks Bridge:   
  17. McKenzie View Dr. (milepost 2):  
  18. Area near Riverbend Hospital:
  19. Silver Creek Boat Launch:
  20. Taylor Landing:  


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