Birds of the Walterville Canal


By Dan Gleason
Tentative list as of 2/19/07

(Includes birds in habitat visible across the canal and orchard not part of EWEB property)
Notes: (C) = Confirmed sightings
(P) = Possible species to look for

ANSERIFORMES (Geese, Ducks & Swans)
ANATIDAE (Geese and Ducks)
Branta canadensis Canada Goose (P)
Aix sponsa Wood Duck (P)
Anas americana American Wigeon (P)
Anas platyrhynchos Mallard
Anas cyanoptera Cinnamon Teal (P)
Anas clypeata Northern Shoveler (P)
Anas crecca Green-winged Teal (P)
Aythya collaris Ring-necked Duck (P)
Aythya affi nis Lesser Scaup (P)
Bucephala albeola Buffl ehead (C)
Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded Merganser (P)
Mergus merganser Common Merganser (C)
GALLIFORMES (Gallinaceous Birds)
PHASIANIDAE (Pheasants, Grouse, Partridges & Turkeys)
Meleagris gallopavo Wild Turkey (P)
Oreortyx pictus Mountain Quail (P)
Callipepla californica California Quail (P)
Podilymbus podiceps Pied-billed Grebe (C)
PELECANIFORMES (Pelicans, Cormorants & other
totipalmate birds)
Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested Cormorant (C)
CICONIIFORMES (Herons, Ibises, Storks & New
World Vultures)
Ardea herodias Great Blue Heron (P)
Ardea alba Great Egret (P)
Butorides virescens Green Heron (P)
CATHARTIDAE (New World Vultures)
Cathartes aura Turkey Vulture (P)
FALCONIFORMES (Diurnal Birds of Prey)
ACCIPITRIDAE (Osprey, Kites, Eagles & Hawks)
Pandion haliaetus Osprey (P)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald Eagle (P)
Accipiter striatus Sharp-shinned Hawk (P)
Accipiter cooperii Cooper’s Hawk (P)
Buteo jamaicensis Red-tailed Hawk (C)
FALCONIDAE (Caracaras & Falcons)
Falco sparverius American Kestrel (C)
Falco columbarius Merlin (P)
GRUIFORMES (Rails & Cranes)
Fulica americana American Coot (C)

CHARADRIIFORMES (Shorebirds, Gulls, Terns &
Charadrius vociferus Killdeer (C)
SCOLOPACIDAE (Sandpipers & Phalaropes)
Actitis macularius Spotted Sandpiper (P)
LARIDAE (Gulls & Terns)
Larus delawarensis Ring-billed Gull (P)
Larus californicus California Gull (P)
COLUMBIFORMES (Pigeons & Doves)
COLUMBIDAE (Pigeons & Doves)
Columba livia Rock Pigeon (P)
Patagioenas fasciata Band-tailed Pigeon (P)
Zenaida macroura Mourning Dove (P)
Tyto alba Barn Owl (P)
STRIGIDAE (Typical Owls)
Megascops kennicottii Western Screech-Owl (P)
Bubo virginianus Great Horned Owl (P)
Glaucidium gnoma Northern Pygmy-Owl (P)
Aegolius acadicus Northern Saw-whet Owl (P)
APODIFORMES (Swifts & Hummingbirds)
Chaetura vauxi Vaux’s Swift (P)
TROCHILIDAE (Hummingbirds)
Selasphorus rufus Rufous Hummingbird (P)
CORACIIFORMES (Rollers, Motmots &
Kingfi shers)
ALCEDINIDAE (Kingfi shers)
Ceryle alcyon Belted Kingfi sher (P)
PICIFORMES (Puffbirds, Jacamars, Toucans,
Barbets, Wrynecks & Woodpeckers
PICIDAE (Woodpeckers)
Sphyrapicus ruber Red-breasted Sapsucker (P)
Picoides pubescens Downy Woodpecker (P)
Picoides villosus Hairy Woodpecker (P)
Colaptes auratus Northern Flicker (C)
Dryocopus pileatus Pileated Woodpecker (P)
PASSERIFORMES (Passerine Birds)
TYRANNIDAE (Tyrant Flycatchers)
Contopus cooperi Olive-sided Flycatcher (P)
Contopus sordidulus Western Wood-Pewee (P)
Empidonax traillii Willow Flycatcher (P)
Empidonax diffi cilis Pacifi c-slope Flycatcher (P)
Vireo cassinii Cassin’s Vireo (P)
Vireo huttoni Hutton’s Vireo (P)
Vireo gilvus Warbling Vireo (P)

CORVIDAE (Jays, Crows & Ravens)
Cyanocitta stelleri Steller’s Jay (C)
Aphelocoma californica Western Scrub-Jay (C)
Corvus brachyrhynchos American Crow (C)
Corvus corax Common Raven (P)
Tachycineta bicolor Tree Swallow (P)
Tachycineta thalassina Violet-green Swallow (P)
Stelgidopteryx serripennis Northern Rough-winged Swallow (P)
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota Cliff Swallow (P)
Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow (P)
PARIDAE (Chickadees & Titmice)
Poecile atricapillus Black-capped Chickadee (C)
Poecile rufescens Chestnut-backed Chickadee (P)
Psaltriparus minimus Bushtit (P)
SITTIDAE (Nuthatches)
Sitta canadensis Red-breasted Nuthatch (P)
Sitta carolinensis White-breasted Nuthatch (P)
Certhia americana Brown Creeper (P)
Thryomanes bewickii Bewick’s Wren (P)
Troglodytes aedon House Wren (P)
Troglodytes troglodytes Winter Wren (P)
REGULIDAE (Kinglets)
Regulus satrapa Golden-crowned Kinglet (P)
Regulus calendula Ruby-crowned Kinglet (P)
TURDIDAE (Thrushes)
Catharus ustulatus Swainson’s Thrush (P)
Catharus guttatus Hermit Thrush (P)
Turdus migratorius American Robin (C)
Ixoreus naevius Varied Thrush (P)
Chamaea fasciata Wrentit (C)
STURNIDAE (Starlings)
Sturnus vulgaris European Starling (C)

Bombycilla cedrorum Cedar Waxwing (P)
PARULIDAE (Wood-warblers)
Vermivora celata Orange-crowned Warbler (P)
Vermivora rufi capilla Nashville Warbler (P)
Dendroica petechia Yellow Warbler (P)
Dendroica coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler (P)
Dendroica nigrescens Black-throated Gray Warbler (P)
Dendroica townsendi Townsend’s Warbler (P)
Dendroica occidentalis Hermit Warbler (P)
Oporornis tolmiei MacGillivray’s Warbler (P)
Geothlypis trichas Common Yellowthroat (P)
Wilsonia pusilla Wilson’s Warbler (P)
Piranga ludoviciana Western Tanager (P)
EMBERIZIDAE (Emberzine Finches)
Pipilo maculatus Spotted Towhee (C)
Spizella passerina Chipping Sparrow (P)
Passerella iliaca Fox Sparrow (P)
Melospiza melodia Song Sparrow (C)
Melospiza lincolnii Lincoln’s Sparrow (P)
Zonotrichia atricapilla Golden-crowned Sparrow (P)
Junco hyemalis Dark-eyed Junco (C)
CARDINALIDAE (Cardinals & Grosbeaks)
Pheucticus melanocephalus Black-headed Grosbeak (P)
ICTERIDAE (Blackbirds, Meadowlarks & Orioles)
Agelaius phoeniceus Red-winged Blackbird (C)
Euphagus cyanocephalus Brewer’s Blackbird (P)
Molothrus ater Brown-headed Cowbird (P)
FRINGILLIDAE (Fringilline Finches)
Carpodacus purpureus Purple Finch (P)
Carpodacus mexicanus House Finch (P)
Loxia curvirostra Red Crossbill (P)
Carduelis pinus Pine Siskin (P)
Carduelis psaltria Lesser Goldfi nch (P)
Carduelis tristis American Goldfi nch (P)
Coccothraustes vespertinus Evening Grosbeak (P)
PASSERIDAE (Old World Sparrows & Weaver Finches)
Passer domesticus House Sparrow (P)

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