What do you think of this website?

We've asked a few people to take a look & let us know what they think. Here are some of the exchanges ......


Nice! The events calendar, restaurant listings and weather info will help me plan for visitors. I like your blog, too.


Thank you.

I'm curious to see if people use the blogs.

- Ken


I love this...  it looks very nice and it's easy to navigate and find things....    This is wonderful!!


Thank you.

Plenty more features still in the works. Suggestions encouraged.

- Ken


Hi Ken,


The new website looks great!  Thanks for sharing it with us!  Our church just put up a new website and it has been a great asset for us.  Will you have a links page where local businesses and organizations can link their webpage?  If so, we would be interested in being on that.


Thanks again and best wishes for a successful launch of your new website!


Yes - coming soon.

- Ken


     I reviewed your new web site.  It is very well done from the standpoint of esthetics, layout, & local coverage.

But as Ellie & I are old fashioned "hold the paper and feel the news as one reads it", we prefer the printed page. 

     However, I was thinking, several articles nationally about major papers losing their readership to new kids,

generations of iPad'ers reading on line bottom-line versions, or even foregoing certified coverage for trendy

hearsay blogs which blather more than inform.  Some reliable organs have even folded... 

     In light of this generational change, would the on line upgrade of RR jeopardize your printed circulation,

or is this part of your plan?  And if this is planned, would you charge an on line fee, or just work for free?


Thanks for your comments.

The website is a way of expanding our appeal to advertisers by offering much more info about the McKenzie than we can in the paper. But it is a complement to, not a replacement for the paper.

People who go to the site will see only "teaser" articles that direct them to get the full story by buying a paper at a news stand or getting a subscription. Subscribers will have the option of a getting hard copy through the mail, a file they can download, or a version they can view on line.

Plus, we'll have back issues that can also be purchased & downloaded.

It's a lot of work. It won't be free.

- Ken


Hi Ken, love the way you are putting things together and of course I navigated directly to the 'white water boating' page. I could give you some help here if you like. 

I definitely would change the font (being a Mac enthusiast as yourself from the get-go) like a Baskerville regular 20 or so. It would greatly enhance the read-a-bility. I would like to contribute to the contents of the page also if you don't mind. As a river-runner I would gladly give you some inside about the upper run, which could give the 'page' a great deal of (a fifty six year old kid) expertise. As of now I'm cut up in several projects and work jobs and come off the river next Tuesday. If it's alright with you I will bend over (not to far) the text and will get back to you mid-week. 


Keep up the good work! After the digital version of the R.Reflections this will be a great asset to the McK. Valley.



Looking forward to your help.

- Ken

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