August 23

Lava on the moon in McKenzie River ReflectionsWhen the moon is full and hanging low in the sky over Central Oregon, take a good close look at it. In one of its craters, surrounded by tire tracks and boot prints and the abandoned “moon buggy,” a tiny chunk of Oregon lies on its surface.
Here’s how it got there:

Rainwater system in McKenzie River ReflectionsFrom MOTHER EARTH NEWS
By Cheryl Long
Harvesting rainwater to use for growing vegetables makes a great deal of sense. Unfortunately, the most common method of rainwater harvesting isn’t the most effective. Typically, gardeners invest in a rain barrel - which holds only 50 or 60 gallons of water - and then dole out the captured water to plants as needed, hopefully emptying the barrel before the next storm.

Cartoon in McKenzie River Reflections newspaper

McKenzie River Reflections

McKenzie River Fish Recovery Improvement ProgramProject to improve McKenzie River fish recovery

BLUE RIVER: Salmon are now checking in at a truck stop after making their way from the Pacific Ocean to the South Fork of the McKenzie River. In the past they only got as far as the base of Cougar Dam, a 400 foot tall barrier between them and the high quality spawning habitat above it.

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