Vida McKenzie Community Center



* First Tai Chi Classes

* First AARP 55 Alive Safe Driving Class

* Exterior of Center painted by Todd and April Olson

* Electrical Upgrade

* Windows Upgrade

* Bingo continue to be a big hit with community

* 2nd Annual Christmas Bazaar at the Leaburg Community Center

* $7,000 in bank, until property tax, insurance, electrical and window upgrade and building maintenance came due.



* Sent out first quarterly newsletter

* Requested help from the membership with major projects: Needed painters carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.

* Todd Olson-Olson Construction and Painting responded and with the help of many members, painted the interior of the Center

* Worked continued on 501(c3) 2003

* Received 501(c3) status from IRS

* First Bingo game held on Saturday August 9th


The group from 2000 continued leadership. This group identified many needs: They needed income to pay bills, and they needed members and the support of the community. They needed to become a Non-Profit 501(c3) organization. They begin to identify many upgrades to the Center: Electrical, floors, restrooms, windows and window coverings, painting interior and exterior. The upgrade fund totaled $570.00.


The beginning: The first Officers: Bob Neilsen Jr. -President, Dawn Neilsen -Vide President, Joyce Brooks-Secretary and Marge Estenson - Treasurer. Board Officers included: Nadine Scott, Vern and Marilynn Blumhagen, Laura Olson, Janie Scofield, Bill and Kimm Esser. The process of forming a corporation began. By-Laws were written and approved on Oct. 28, 2000. Membership dues were set at $5.00 per year.

Vida McKenzie Community Center




Vida McKenzie Center photo




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